My dear brothers and
Sisters, at Pentecost, Holy Mother Church commemorates the unforgettable moment
when the Apostles, in prayer together with our Blessed Mother, received the
power of the Holy Spirit through many different signs which gave testimony to
effects brought about by the anointing of the Spirit upon the group of

I feel the urgent need
to underline and stress the fact that the Apostles were united together in
prayer with the Blessed Mother MARY, a FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT that many times goes
unnoticed; however the presence of the Mother of Jesus is significant for that
singular event in which the Church, born of the Side of Christ, received the
sanctifying power of the Spirit and at the same time, the power which would
enable it to launch itself forward on its mission of evangelization.
 (For our Pentecost to yield good fruit, we
have to be together with our Blessed Mother…)

Why is it so important that we pray insistently for a new Pentecost, and that
we do it together with Mary? Because Mary Most Holy, has been called by the
Church, and in a particular way, by Saint Francis of Assisi, “Spouse of the
Holy Spirit”. The word “Spouse” expresses the intimate and profound relation
between Mary and the Holy Spirit. This intimate and singular union between the
Holy Spirit and Mary begins at the moment of the Immaculate Conception, within
the womb of her mother, Saint Anne. In this mystical union and through it, God
preserves Mary from all original sin. He also fills her with such abundant
grace, that it would one day allow her to become the Mother of God.
Mary is the
“Masterpiece work of the Holy Spirit”, which not only reveals, but also allows
us to see more clearly the work that the Holy Spirit desires to do in His
creatures. The relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit is of a love that
is reciprocal and fruitful. In the moment of the Annunciation, because of the
receptivity of Mary to grace and to the power of the Holy Spirit, that came to
her and covered her with his shadow, she became abundantly fruitful, conceiving
in her womb the Word made flesh. The union of the Holy Spirit and Mary Most
Holy has Jesus as its blessed fruit; has as its fruit the coming of Christ.
This mission is not limited to the moment of the Annunciation. All of the new
comings of Christ, for the Church and for the world, require the powerful
action of the Holy Spirit and the full cooperation of the Virgin Mary.
“O Mary, you who are
the Mother of the Church, obtain for the Church the gift of the Holy Spirit, so
that it will know how to continue with constancy towards the future down the
path of renewal marked by the Holy Spirit, and so that she will know how to
assume within that work of renewal, all that is true and good, assiduously
discerning among the signs of the times, that which serves for the coming of
the Reign of God.” (John Paul II, Pentecost Day, 1982)

Blessed Lady of Pentecost; pray for us that we may be made worthy of the
promises of Christ, revealed to us in the coming of the HOLY SPIRIT.

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